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Membership in Spokane Executives Association is limited to companies that do not conflict with any of our present membership classifications. All information is considered confidential.

This application should be accompanied by a check for $175.00 for initiation fees. If application is denied, the check will be returned. Quarterly dues are $270.00 and are due on the first day of each quarter. These fees include all weekly luncheons for the main member.

Applications may be submitted online or returned by fax or mail. Upon completion of this form, your application will be submitted to the Membership Committee and then will be presented to the Board of Directors. Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.) >> Download PDF Application.

Online Application


Name of Applicant:  
Name of Firm:  
Business Address:  
Mailing Address:  
Fax Number:  
E-mail Address:  
How long has the company been in business?  (years)
Membership Classification Requested:  
  (This classification must comprise at least 60% of your company's business volume and must not conflict with a current members' category.)
What other products/services do you provide?
If any of these conflict with a current member's business, would you agree not to mention these services/products at any SEA function or publication?  
Yes No
Number of employees/staff in firm: 
SEA Membership Dues will be paid by:
 Company Representative
Does applicant or business belong to another business organization?  
Yes No

If so, please list group(s) by name and purpose:
Name of SEA Member sponsoring application:
How does applicant know sponsor?


Applicant's title or position in business (please list responsibilities):
How long have you been with the company?    (years)
If less than two years, please explain in detail the your previous occupation/position.
How long in your current position?   (years)
What is your title and the extent of your authority? (please be specific)
Do you have decision making power on large purchases for the company?
Name and title of your immediate supervisor, if any:
Please list any members of Spokane Executive Association you know personally:

Acknowledgment by Applicant Firm and Company Representative:

Spokane Executives' Association is a business leads oriented organization designed to promote your business and others within this organization.
You understand that your company will make a commitment to uphold all
conditions of membership upon acceptance of both the company and the proposed individual representative.Your company representative will make a
diligent effort to attend every meeting, to provide business leads, mutual
business, and accept other responsibilities within the Association

I have read the above paragraph and understand the requirements of membership:
Type name of owner or top executive of firm
(if not applicant).
Type name of member representative applicant.


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